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Buying the corporate shares of another company via a merger or acquisition, though driven to realize financial returns, proceeds by legal means. The law is a central driving force in the majority of corporate transactions, as it facilitates the appropriation of the underlying aspects of those corporate shares - the business itself. Given such a prominent role to the legal aspects of a share purchase, the lawyer's role to the transaction becomes particularly important.

With the law playing such a critical role to a share transaction, the corporate leadership needs to optimize the interplay of the lawyers and their contribution to the advancement of the share acquisition or merger. For behind those corporate shares lies the value of the business, but also the dangers associated with its attainment. For there tend to be many threats that exist behind a share purchase, that are not contained in an asset purchase, which require sufficient legal exploration and protections. Otherwise the new business will find its susceptible to far greater threats and legal exposure, as a result of not retaining the appropriate legal counsel..

Throughout this process, experienced legal counsel plays a substantive role in assisting and guiding the company's leadership with the effective pursuit and implementation of its business objectives. Such experience is the hallmark of the legal practice of Christopher Neufeld of Neufeld Legal P.C., with our legal practice being focused upon corporate matters that would assist in the advancement of Calgary companies. To learn more about how we can be of assistance to your company's progress or to schedule a meeting, contact us at 403-400-4092 or

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